Friday, December 29, 2006

You were SUPPOSED to WISH me LUCK!

And obviously nobody did otherwise I wouldn't have spent 4 hours getting my router set up this morning!! I'd say the breakdown was about 40 minutes on hold, 1 hour fussing with connections and 2 hours actually on the line with someone named Jonas in some outsourced call center somewhere overseas. The remaining 20 minutes I managed to sneak in some laundry and housework and fed the kids some lunch. I didn't even finish a whole cup of coffee this morning. I never want to do that again.

But the router works now, properly! Its fantastic! I also have a new wireless mouse now - the touchpad on the laptop takes a lot of getting used to. I find its much easier for me to plug this little mouse into the side and just work that way - I'm at the table most of the time but I found out that an old Reader's Digest Condensed edition works as a mousepad when I'm on the couch or in bed.

Now, I'm on a search for a case that will accomodate a laptop with a 17 inch screen. Any suggestions?

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today, I phoned Air Miles and booked my flight to St. Louis. I love Air Miles - the whole round trip flight will cost me $150 for taxes and trip insurance - the rest was paid with Air Miles I collected on about three grocery shopping trips to Safeway. Not bad since I need to buy groceries anyway.

Christmas was great- I am just having trouble finding the livingroom floor the last few days - I think its time to start packing away all the old toys the girls have outgrown and make some space for all this new stuff. The biggest hit with the girls seems to be the game Hullabaloo - even the baby gets into it. All three girls like their bilibos - its amazing the ideas the kids come up with to play with those things. M. even made up a song about hers tonight.

I am now working off of my new HP notebook computer - but it doesn't have any of my photos or scrapbooking stuff on it so its going to take awhile to get things transferred over from the old one. I hope I do better than last time - I've had the tower from my first computer sitting in the hall closet for two years, never got around to getting the files off of it. It was so old, it didn't have a burner or anything so it seemed like too much work. I am having a miserable time with my wireless router and have spent hours on hold with the ISP's technical support - twice the connection miraculously started working as soon as the tech finally answered after a half hour wait. Tonight, the guy helped me to get it working again - I re-set the connection and all that, but then told me that the fact I need to set up a connection at all means that my router is set up all wrong and I'll have to redo it - so that's tomorrow's plan. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas can happen, now!

I spent all day yesterday in the city getting the last of our Christmas shopping done. So its finally finished except I wanted to get M. a couple of packages of barettes for her hair and for some reason Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal-mart (the last 3 places I went) all think that $5-$8 is reasonable to pay for a few barettes. They weren't even cute!! I'm going to have to get my mom to pick some up at the dollar store, where they are a dollar. I am having trouble with paying too much for something that will be worn once or twice and then lost forever.

I am also having trouble with Blogger and posting pictures, I had a little update all written up and when I went to post it, I decided to put this picture with it, and that's when all the trouble started.

So, I lost that and so I tried again with a few pictures and it seems to be working now. So, here's the picture I really wanted to put up - the girls' artwork on a bunch of the Christmas cards I sent out this week. Really, money spent on toys for them is almost wasted because they spend so much of their time coloring and drawing. No complaints from me, of course!
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M. making sure nothing is left off of her list.
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C. going over her Christmas list with Santa.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I finally think its ready to go, so I invited some friends over here for a little blogwarming.

Hope you like what you see - I'd love to know what you think!

Today's stats:

Baby - has a nasty cold. Threw her stuffed cat in the toilet and is supposed to be napping but I can hear her chatting and singing in her crib.
C - has no school today. Still in her PJ's and currently talking to herself in her bedroom with her Barbie dolls. One of them sings, and she sings along with it when she thinks nobody is listening.
M - at school. Returns every day at lunch begging for a 'tapis fou' because everyone else has one, EVERYONE EVERYONE, mom! Except ME! She can even provide a list of names, and its long. All of the kids at school have crazy carpets that they use to slide down the snow hills at recess. M is getting one for Christmas.
DH - at work.
Me - working on finishing Christmas cards, setting up my blog, drinking coffee.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So, its that easy to start a blog. I've been putting it off forever and it took all of five minutes. So, here I am, talking to myself in a whole new place. Looks pretty dull in here, could use some decoration. It will probably take me hours to get the rest of it set up but this is a start.

gotta start somewhere

Even if you're going nowhere, I suspect you have to start somewhere. So, here we are.

Hey good lookin'
Why the frown?
You always
look better
when its
upside down

You say you got
that you're
going to

Can I go nowhere with you?

Lyrics - Joel Plaskett "Go nowhere"

So, we're going nowhere with this blog. Its not the frustrated, running-in-circles type of going nowhere. It's enjoying any little bit of time when you have nowhere to be, nothing to do kind of going nowhere. It's a good thing! You're welcome to come along for the ride.