Monday, April 30, 2012

How's it going - week one

So far the jar thing is going well (for me, not for them!) - they were so excited to get their 'allowance' at the end of the week and found there was about half as much in there as they started with. But, they knew they hadn't done all their stuff either, so it wasn't like they expected to get the full amount.

The BEST part was when I tool their short list of chores (pathetic, really) and said "OKAY, so who helped me do the dishes once without asking this week?" *crickets* I pass around the mom jar and they all put in one of their quarters. Same for the other three chores. Madeleine had done two of them so she didn't have to pay in. That made a very big impression on the ones paying.

So after that, they had even LESS. I don't want to be buying rolls of quarters so I got them to put their remaining quarters back in their jars, and gave them more quarters from the Bank of Mom so they're all starting off with the same amount this week. I am stealing a page from my friend Heather's book and just keeping a list on the fridge of money they have. That's what she told me she does when her kids get/earn money, instead of giving it to them she puts it on a list on the fridge so they both know how much they have. So they're each starting the week with a jar full of quarters, and what they earned has been deposited in the Bank of Mom. And it is paltry.

So, then by Tuesday of the second week, the girls had each done all but one of their weekly chores, and the older two fought over who would get to set the table the other day, meanwhile Evan set it and they were outraged. Well, get it done before I have to ask you! Lesson learned!

This morning, my three year old came down stairs and told me he'd already made his bed.  "Mom!  I makea my BED!   I a good boy!   I get some moneys?"   So at least one of the kids is motivated.   I could pay Evan in pennies and he wouldn't care.   I'm so glad I involved him in this 'system' - he's good at a lot of things like folding wash cloths, feeding the dogs, etc. and is so happy to have jobs to do.  Unlike his grumbly older sisters who have been getting away with doing nothing for so long.

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